Probably is telling the chick she'll visit everyday and play with it, feed it, and brush it's feathers or some other sappy lines of nonsense. by embracingpanels

*much excited peeping!* *loves her big Mama!  

Hold it in, hold it in, HOLD IT IN! Brings the chick close and coos at it with her back turned. by embracingpanels

*Harpy is laughing hysterically while Hecate just shakes her head*

*Erin peeps happily, nuzzling big Mama!*

Just lets them nuzzle, but still holds the chick pretty securely. Oh God it's looking at her again, staaaahp, she can't handle that. by embracingpanels

*Hecate looks at her*


There was yet another look to Harpy, as if waiting for a go ahead before she lifted the chick closer to the crow on her shoulder to let her 'meet'. After consideration, she nodded, "I'll bring your whole murder food when I can." That look on her face, good lord, it's just a baby bird~! She really needs to get her hormones in check, this is ridiculous. by embracingpanels

*Hecate seems pleased at that!  She nods and gently nuzzles the chick*  *It peeps happily, but looks back at Cat*

Looks at the little chick in her hands, then the crow, and Harpy, and finally back to the tiny thing. Probably should, even if she REALLY doesn't want to. She has no idea how to take care of it. But it's so cuddly and needy and adorable and little! "Yeah.." Is this where her life has really taken her? Wild. by embracingpanels

*Hecate flutters over and lands on her shoulder*


Jumps away from Harpy; birds don't talk! Least crows don't! Er, normal ones. She was sure! "What?? Are you freaking kidding me??" by embracingpanels

*more crow sneering, that’s a thing!*


Mainframe: *VERY angry with /Ex Best Friend Birdy Woman/! Hurt it's baby /The GLaDOS/! Hurt more then normally! HURT AN UNFORGIVABLE AMOUNT! NO LIKE BAD! It refuses to show it's DOGE face to /Ex Best Friend Birdy Woman/! Follows her with cameras, keeps an eye on, DEATH GLARES CAMERAS EVERYWHERE!* by toxingeneration

don’t care.  You “baby” tried to kill Marine.  I’m done.  This was a long time coming!

She sat alone in the empty chamber, drumming her fingers on the gutted husk of an android.

It had come to this.

Really, she shouldn’t have been surprised.  All of her useless, pipe dreams of peace, friendship. They all amounted to nothing in the end.  

It was never meant to be.  She could see that now.

The bitter anger over a the dissolution of a friendship with a certain android still burned brightly within her.

But after what she’d done, there was no chance at being friends with any of the androids anymore.

The only people now who were worth a damn were her family members.  And God, did she hope they were now making plans to escape.

Because GLaDOS, Neuro, Anger and God only knows who else were all going to converge on her soon.

And even that was fine.  As long as she could make herself an attractive target, and let’s face it, nearly killing GLaDOS was certainly enough to provoke their ire.

The Deep Crow could certainly be coaxed out once the fighting started.

And she intended to give them a hell of a fight.

So…let them come.

She held the chick even closer after that look; how does a crow make such a face, who knew! "Has she even taken care of a bab- I mean a chick before??" by embracingpanels

*the crow narrows her eyes and says in plain, albeit with a strange cadence, english*


Lifts her head from the chick to look at the crow and keeps her eyes on it wearily while speaking to Harpy, "Is that the bird? They all look the same." Holds the chick closer. Thing might try to eat it. Because cannibalistic crows are a thing around here totally. by embracingpanels

*the crow, perched on Harpy’s shoulder, seems to scowl at her*

Yes, let me talk to her a moment!

*Erin looks up a big Mama, peeping inquisitively*

*Harpy talks with the Crow a bit in Avian, before turning to Cat*

She will be happy to take Erin!  She’ll get her set up in a nest and everything!