*ugh but what was wrong with this one?? it's equipped, minus the crazy shot gun wielding sister. grabs a damn foot and mocks* Fuck. Stupid fragile little bird-bitch. Eee, I'm Harpy~ My skull is made of tissue paper probably 'cause I smoke so much and threaten pregnant people with coat-hangers who then beat the ever living shit out of me~! Derpity derp derp squawk! by embracingpanels

*is super unconscious!  :D*  *but hey, maybe you did beat the evil personality out of her!*

*cool, could do a lobotomy if harpy doesn't chill the fuck out* by embracingpanels

*should prolly take her to the infirmary, maybe, before she bleeds out!*

*raises the pole again* Are you fucking normal yet or do I need'a keep beating you upside the head?? by embracingpanels

*no answer!*  *lots of blood though!*  *….is that…brain you see inside?*

*goes for an overhead downward swing! because you ma'am, are a horrible human being* by embracingpanels

*oooo, is clocked but good!*  *also bleeding!*  *lots of bleeding oh dear*

... *jabs the pole at her again* by embracingpanels

*falls all the way to the ground this time!*

The fuck is in that head of yours- *is a little shocked, and, really /pissed/* by embracingpanels

Something better than that little mistake in there.

*you got it! but she shoves it at her* by embracingpanels

*staggers backward!*  *growls*  Am I gonna need to get a fucking coathanger?

*angry scream, swings at like a baseball!* by embracingpanels

*grabs for it!*

*flat staring before grabbing an IV pole near by. casually swings it at her* by embracingpanels

*is hit!*  GAH!  You fucking bitch!  *lunges at!*

*seethes with a smile* I am not. A cow. by embracingpanels

*sneers*  A sow then?  Hippo?