Hey, Harpy! GLaDOS says you need to test. *abnormally happy about it all* by marinescientist

I….what?  *looks at her weird!* Are you okay?!

*puts an ear to your door* by embracingpanels

*some shuffling around and a few utterances of ‘d00d!’ can be heard!*

Keep track of your deeds yourself now! You are doing so well I can't keep track~ by Anonymous

Oh, okay d00d!  I think that’s…let’s seeeee…..one, two, three….I am totally counting GLaDOS as one!  Added to my two already…six, d00d!

".. Experiment gone wrong, i see." /Kill it with fire/ never held more true than it does right now. by omnipotentapertureai

*shows you a flipper*  *is probably meant to be flipping you off*  *but….is a flipper…*

M!A You're now a Prinny until you atone! Accomplish 10 good deeds, or collect $50 in loose change! by Anonymous



Ah!  Wh-what happened, d00d?!

*covers her mouth with her flipper*

Why am I saying d00d?!

Kane growled angrily. “Cease. Don’t even think you can act kindly towards me. Believe me, whatever good deed you believe you can accomplish by helping me doesn’t exist. If a merciful god existed, the act of not helping me would be seven billion good deeds right there.” Kane snarled.

Despite the furious look on his face, he took his hand and transformed into a claw, slicing it through the air, opening a black rift, and pulled a small jingling bag out of it. The reaper tossed the bag at her. “One thousand units of copper plated currency. Now disappear from my sensory range before I actually do throw you.” He growled.

The Prinny was silent throughout Kane’s tirade.  His anger was almost palpable.  But she couldn’t help but think there was a note of despair intermingled in his voice?

A little flipper reached out toward him; she almost found herself wanting to say something, if not for the fact that he tossed out a small bag of coins.  Immediately she grabbed it in her flippers; after a bit of fumbling, she was able to dump the copper coins into her bag.

…why was he doing this for her?

Barely audible, a soft “…thank you,” lilted on the air.

8 more! by Anonymous

*pumps flipper!*  Were on our way, d00d!

Another success! Sharing limited food counts as a good deed! 9 more or 4000 more copper units left! by Anonymous

*pumps flipper!*  Sucess, d00d!  I’ll be done in no time!

((Ask limit!  DX))

Good job! Only four thousand more units of currency left! by Anonymous

*groans*  D000000000000ddddd!  *slumps over!*