... *gently puts it back and sighs* W-we can... find something better... oh! *pulls out an outsized mortar* *rinses it out and slops most of the smoothie in!* by Anonymous

Is good!  Good idea!  *grabs and horks it down*  *flaps wings in bliss*  Is so GOOD.


Lily’s hand jerked convulsively, and a look of annoyance crossed her face.

"Will you stop it? It isn’t your fault. You were in that cell with me, I saw what they did. I mean, it’d be a different deal if you were standing outside the cell and cackling, but you weren’t. It’s the Combine’s fault, not yours."

She frowned darkly at the sudden jerk. 

"Don’t do anything drastic, OK? The last thing I want is to be on that monster’s hit list because something happened to you under my care."

Her lip curled slightly.

Lily’s words barely managed to permeate the haze of guilt that hung around her mind.  But only barely.  Some of what she’d said had trickled in, but judging by the current state of her, it would take a while to sink in.

"B-but…" she stammered weakly.

No..it was her fault…even if….even if she wasn’t laughing…it still all linked back to her…

It took her a minute to puzzle out who the “monster” was, and before she could help it, she leveled a light glare at Lily.

She had no right to judge Ada…

"Ada’s- "  After a moment of hesitation, the glare softened as quickly as it came.  After what Lily had gone through because of her, and the fact that she hadn’t left her to rot…

The last thing she wanted to do right now was start a fight.

So she settled for shaking her head and laying back down, staring at the wall.

"Th-the problem is…that it exists…

(Source: cauterize-expunge)

I-I mean your portion...? Do you want a-a bowl, or...? by Anonymous

Oh!  Yes!  Bowl good!  *starts throwing things our of cabinets*  Found bowl!  *hands her a bedpan*  *puffs out chest proudly*  *found a wonderful bowl!*

U-um... should I... should I put it in a bowl, or...? by Anonymous

*so happy it work!  wiggles butt in anticipation*  How you want do?!  Is yours!

I... I... n-no. Here, l-let me... *in goes the fruit and ice and on goes the top!* *whirrrrrrrrr!* by Anonymous

Oh, oh!  You make work!  *bounces*  So smart!  Know how do!!

!!!! *turns it off in a panic!* by Anonymous

Oh…..oh yes!  Yes good job!  *glares at it*  Attacked us!

I-I don't think... that's how it works...? by Anonymous

Sure is!  Saw Sister-Pearl do many time- *hits the button, but as failed to close the lid*  *fruit puree everywhere!*  Oh!  Oh!  Is broke!  Making mess!  *flaps wings in dismay!*

*stumbles along in a haze of half-terror* by Anonymous

SISTER-PEARL!  SIS- oh….is not here!  Hm…okay!  We can do while wait for to come back!  *hastily stuffs a few into the blender*

I... I... y-yes? by Anonymous

Okay!  Yes!  Is good!  *wraps her tail around her wrist and gently tugs*  Come yes!

*shrinks away from the bouncing* by Anonymous

*excitedly trots in place like a pony*  And Sister-Pearl can use the metal-blade thing to make drinks with them and you can have some too and will you come and have some with us?!