What if they were * intense nerves strike and she begins to shake* r-removed? by marinescientist

Like…take off?

*shudder wracks her body*

The first creature dug in its heels, yanking backward on the wing and shaking its head ferociously. The bones and sinews groaned one last time, before snapping loose entirely, sending the creature tumbling backward with the severed limb in its jaws.

The fog cleared, she was left looking at the ragged stump where her wing has once been.  Blood oozed from the wound, pieces of sinew and muscle dangled from it in strips like streamers from an abandoned party.

Then, she felt it.

Slowly, the cry came out.  It started as whimper before steadily rising in pitch before growing into a roiling, distorted shriek dancing with notes of agony.

*backs away, eyes wide*  


Do they? They do grow back every time? by marinescientist

*looks at her weird*  Course do!

*cringes* Your wings. by marinescientist

My wings?  *looks back at them*  Oh…oh, is okay!  Just fall off when change back!

*the affection is me with cold dread* She wants your wings. by marinescientist

*stiffens a bit*  Wants…what?

*shrugs with a crooked smile* Always, but she's willing to compromise. by marinescientist

Oh, oh is good!  *gets close and nuzzles her*  Am glad are okay!

Our lives. *she lowers the pack that was on her shoulder and sits back* by marinescientist

What mean?!  *snarls*  Try hurt you again?!

I tired to bargain, Harpy. *her pause was ominous* by marinescientist

*cocks head and trills curiously*  Tried bargain for what?

We'd all be dead then. by marinescientist

*subdued trill*  Oh….yes…..yes…are right…  *folds wings, a little embarrassed!*

You made quite a stir. *sad smile* by marinescientist

*huffs angrily*  Am only did did not kill perm…perma…for good!

"I haven't seen you in a while." by marinescientist

*bobs head in a nod*  Is true!  Am always happy to see.